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Welcome to Five Star Bernese Mountain Dogs

Five Star Resorts, Five Star Restaurants and FiveStar Bernese Mountain Dogs where it just doesn't get any better!!

We started with Bernese Mountain Dogs in the summer of 1990 with Princess. Annie. Annie spent her years following our son Jeff at all his high school athletic events (baseball, football) during the week and following a minor league baseball team on weekends (hence her name after Susan Sarandon in "Bull Durham"); we traveled to follow the Visalia Oaks (a minor league Minnesota Twins/Colorado Rockies farm team) which included a very handsome friend Ryan Turner, Matt Connolley, Mike Ericson, Troy Ricker along with other team members.

Little did I know that traveling to the wonderful hot spots that the baseball teams took us was just a preparation for our future travels which would be to dog shows in the same towns!

When Annie was 3, our son Jeff went off to college; we added Norm to our household. Annie was still Princess. Just before Norm's third birthday, he was accidentally let out of the back yard and was hit by a car...

Enter Hayfield's Grand Eze Rider ("Ernie"),born October 10, 1996 and came to live with us early December 1996. Ernie turned out to be our first show dog...bad bite and all. Ernie made his debut at the Del Valle Dog Club in March 1998; and finished his championship 14 shows later.

In April 1999 Annie, Ernie with their chauffeur Carol headed off to Tucson, Arizona for the National Specialty. Billy joined the family at that show...and the rest is history!!