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June 1990 - November 1999

Annie was our introduction the world of Berners........named after Susan Sarandon, from movie Bull Durham she did live up to that reputation. Annie traveled weekends with a baseball Minor League team that resided in Visalia, California but traveled all over the state for the first couple of years with her family. What a great experience for both Annie and our son, Jeff who was a young teenager at that time! Annie’s favorite time was riding in the car ... and that she did!

Annie led the parade, ran the house, rode front seat in the car! It was all about Annie. Annie did go on to have two “brothers” and she definitely let them know she was the Princess. Annie was not a show princess; her both times in the ring she paced......not her choice of fun activities. She loved sitting ringside where she was constantly seeking attention of those sitting around her. Better her brothers made a fool of themselves.

Annie lived to be 9 1⁄2 and succumbed to some form of cancer (a tumor in her lungs). She joined her friends at the Rainbow Bridge; having been novices in the breed at that time we did not choose to do a necropsy as she had not been bred.

Here is a toast to our Princess Annie!

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