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last updated 21june2011


FIVESTAR'S On The Road Again (Willie)

Willie and his litter were to really test my whelping skills.  The delivery of this litter of 8 was planned with my vet who was a 2 hour drive away.   Up early in the scheduled morning, all dogs exercised and pottied, off Sassy (the dam) and I headed up to Santa Rosa.  My first stop was Starbucks to satisfy my caffeine addiction.  When I got back to my car, coffee in hand, Sassy had a strange look and proceeded to present her first puppy to me….born in my car.

The puppy started to cry/breath so I ran into the grocery store next door, grabbed some dental floss and proceed to tie off the umbilical cord, while Ernie sat in the front seat watching me.  Sassy proceeded to deliver 5 puppies on my way to Santa Rosa which included delivering one on the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was an experienced once again which made me know of sure that whelping puppies was definitely not for the faint of heart.

Willie spends most of his time with his girlfriend Cleo and now they are living in Monterey, California where Cleo is attending Graduate School and Willie gets to run on the beach.  Willie has most of his points and majors needed to become an AKC Champion; hopefully he will complete this goal during the 2011 summer/fall shows.

Willie's First Points with Tiffany Baggaley

Willie with Remy of Team McFadden